MSSmedia partners with campuses nationwide to provide clients with the opportunity to successfully reach the college students of today. With over 15 years of experience working in campus media, we know what exists, what works, and how to produce the best possible outcome for your campaign.


We offer a suite of campus media services to help you make an impact:  traditional campus media, digital campus media, non-traditional media opportunities,  and creative services. We deliver the best campus media opportunities to guarantee the best campaign results.

Bus/Bike Shelters

Info/Newspaper Kiosks

Transit Advertising




Outdoor signage is owned and operated by MSSmedia
Campus Outdoor (OOH) is the biggest ad platform on campus
OOH offers an opportunity for a visual ad with a big impact
MSSmedia has assets on campuses throughout the US & Puerto Rico
OOH advertising  increases effective frequency for your campaign
OOH is viewable 24/7


College students spend an average of 10.6 hours per day on campus


85% of college students reported visiting off campus retailers, an average of 3.9 times per month


With a buying power of over $400 billion dollars, college students are by far the most influenced demographic


64% of college students’ spending money is discretionary spending