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As we all know, millennial generations are critically important to the Media and Communications industries. Some people don’t get them, others excuse them, but in order to successfully engage with them the best thing to do is to fully understand who they are and what they want.

So, what is a Millennial? The definition of a millennial is not unanimous. However, it usually refers to the age range between 18-35 years old. But, one of the first words that comes to mind when you think of the millennial generation is SOCIAL. Since Millennials were born during the years of change, such as the advent of digital marketing, they are known for being very active on all social media platforms and are always on top of key trends like food and fashion. However, besides these key millennial generation characteristics, there are many more to pay attention to (especially in the advertising game). In order to catch their attention and build their trust over time, it is important to follow these 10 tips when deciding to advertise to them.



Supporting a good cause is the perfect way to incentivize your Millennial audience and to show that you care about making the world a better place.

General practices such as supporting a cause and using creative advertising methods will certainly help. For example, climate change has increasingly become a critical topic that many Millennials take seriously. So, once you have segmented your audience, start creating high-quality messaging with the mediums that you will use for the segments chosen. This can be in the form of a billboard, an advertisement on a bus shelter, or any other campus media that engages these younger generations while improving your ad positioning as well.


Have you ever seen one of those billboards on the side of the road during rush hour and thought that it read your mind? OF COURSE. Out-of-home advertisements have been found as a very effective method to influence people’s purchasing power, specifically among Millennials. It is a fun type of advertisement that is to be straight to the point. In fact, studies show that OOH resonates with authentic and real-world experiences. The nature of billboard advertisements is to play off of our short attention span and provides a last-touch opportunity in the path to conversion. In this way, brands have the chance to resonate with young generations multiple times of day. At MSSmedia, we provide a suite of OOH campus media placements that will help your brand make an impact and a sincere difference. Curious? Check out our work here.


Millennial audio consumption of all types has been increasing on a national scale. According to iHeartRadio, we are currently living in an audio-first world where streaming services, podcasts, and radio are gaining ground day after day. This year, 51 percent of American consumers reported listening to a podcast. At MSSmedia, we offer quality audio advertisement placements that capture users on streaming services nationwide.


Millennials and the Gen Z are interested in authenticity, not salesmanship. They prefer insights from people whose lives are like theirs – not from the ones that are “too cool” to be true. And, this characteristic of the millennial generations opens up the opportunity for peer-to-peer marketing to flood in. Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing is a method where customers engage other customers through recommendations. With a big component being word of mouth, P2P is used on college campuses. But, social media, in the meantime, is the P2P equivalent in the business game. It doesn’t feel like a sales tactic, Millennials say. It is not pushy or self-focused. On the contrary, P2P lends authenticity while giving a voice to those who have nothing to gain but meaningful and reciprocal recommendations.


Millennials look for moments that they can share, discover, and ultimately, make them happy. They don’t just look for diversity in their life, but also in their shopping experiences. In other words, millennials prefer to buy an experience over a product. Millennials say that experiences make them connect better with both their friends and the world in general. One effective way to attract more millennials and make them engage with your brand is by inviting them to an event (possibly with free food) or making them buy a unique and more engaging experience. For example, via Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising, you can start building a community of followers to promote your own events. In this way, they will eventually advertise your brand on their own feed generating a very powerful word-of-mouth stream that will attract even more millennials.


You may wonder, what is the best platform to advertise to millennials on? The answer is social media. Millennials are consistently on the lookout for anything mobile related that would make their lives more creative and easier. Promoting your brand or business via Google advertising (including the search and display network),YouTube advertising, and on social platforms is a must. And, for this reason, in the last five years, digital advertising agencies have been mastering their knowledge of the digital marketing space.

MSSmedia has been creating a sincere difference in the digital and social space for over 15 years. We are a team of talented marketing and media experts that will drive your business to the next level. Click here to learn more about how we engage with millennial students where they live, work, and play.


Coupons? They were the best friend of the older generations. However, millennials love them too. In fact, over half of all millennials look for a coupon before making a purchase. What is more surprising is that 88% say that finding a promotion or discount for a brand would encourage them to buy it. As we all know, sales and promotions attract both new and old buyers. It does not have to be an evergreen promotion but as a brand, having good discounts at the right time for the right people could improve your visibility while driving in sales purchases.


Compared to baby boomers, Millennials consume exponentially more video content. YouTube has always been an important channel, and you are probably very familiar with YouTube ads as well, but in the last few years video content has become crucial on social networks. Benchmark data in the marketing industry shows that almost half of the population watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos per week, and 90 percent of Twitter video views occur on mobile. And, that is not even including video ads. So, what are you waiting for? Collect all your inspirational ideas, create unique content, sit back and watch your video being shared and viewed hundreds of times.


Some businesses make the fatal error of not segmenting their target audience. Even within the millennial generations, there are small nuances in how they differ from each other. The characteristics of baby boomers, generation y, and millennials differ not only based on the age range, but how they perceive the world around them. For example, Millennials support meaningful causes, they like to share experiences (at a low cost), and crave adventure. On the other hand, generation y is the demographic cohort that is the most tech savvy. They were born during the boom of the technology era launched by Apple and all the other tech giants. And Baby Boomers? They have strong work ethic; they are competitive and don’t know a lot about anything that is technology related.

So, as a brand or business do not make the mistake to generalize too much. People may have the same age or be included in the same demographic group, but that does not define who they are and what they want.


Millennials value their opinions very much and believe that they are as valuable as anyone’s else. However, they sometimes feel like their voices are not being heard. A great way to gain millennial’s trust and engage with their purchasing power is to give them a chance to say what they think about the brand. Let them participate while valuing their point of views of the product or service. Ultimately, social media platforms are the best way to make that happen since it encourages customers to tag the brand while showing their personal experience with the product.

MSSmedia is a full-service advertising agency in Miami that offers the right strategy that works best for your business while creating a sincere difference. Want to learn more? Check out who we are here.

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