Advertising During a College Football Rivalry

By October 13, 2015Campus Advertising

Some of the biggest college football rivalry games are happening and this can rally an entire campus to come together against a common enemy. There are the pre-gam bonfires, smack talk and more to get people riled up for the big games. Facebook has joined in on the fun by offering temporary college themed badgesto go on profile pictures. This lets students show their school pride and let everyone who they root for. This lets the online world where their allegiances lie, but there are other ways to join in on the rivalry fun as a brand.

1. Host Tailgates

Students, fans and community members alike will be at tailgates to prepare for the big game. Host a branded tailgate where you offer free food and activities. The food or giveaways will attract fans to your tent and give you an opportunity to expose your brand to the market.

2. Give Out Free Swag

Students will happily accept free items that showcase their school’s superiority against a rival or just free swag to wear at the game. Many pictures will be taken at the games and if your items are branded, you could extend your reach to their friends on social media. Popular items include the #1 foam finger, cups, shirts, hats and much more.

3. Offer Weather Friendly Gear

Some games will be held in northern states where the temperatures are lower, but this won’t deter students from attending games. Make the experience more comfortable by offering branded harm warmers, long sleeves or other warm items. For games in the heat, offer fans, water bottles, etc.

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