Advertising is Increasingly Relevant to Millennials

According to new research from Axicom, millennials are more likely to believe advertising is becoming more relevant to them. The survey found that perceived relevancy of ads decreases as a consumer ages, which means the prime time to target this generation is now. Advertisers need to craft authentic messages with emotional resonance and deliver those messages on a consistent, personalized level to consumers across multiple platforms.

1. Set the mood

Get consumers to bond over a universal human experience. Be conscious of the use of certain fonts, colors, images and the tone/style of the messaging. The goal is to evoke an emotion from the audience and create a community for your brand.

2. Fuel creativity

Many brands are seeking the attention of the millennial market, and in order to stand out, brands must be creative. Create short videos, memes and more draw in the consumer. If the content speaks to the consumer, they’ll share it with their networks, which increases your reach.

3. Help them succeed

Provide how-tos, lifehacks and any other content experience that makes them feel smarter. Give them relevant information that can be used in their everyday life or can be used for future reference.

4. Spotlight Pop Culture

Millennials are tuned in to the latest pop culture news and celebs. Incorporating this into your messaging in a tasteful manner will make your brand more relatable to this generation.

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