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Behind the Scenes of Back-to-College

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back to college
Back-to-college time is around the corner, which means that businesses and retailers need to start thinking of the best marketing and advertising strategies to target students on campuses nationwide. In fact, back-to-college campaigns contribute to more than 15 percent of annual retail sales. So, as brands, it is our chance to increase brand awareness through targeted out-of-home (OOH) and out-of-the-box campaigns, in addition to traditional advertising. This is our time to be ahead of the competition.



How to advertise to college students

There are many ways to advertise to college students from online to outdoor to traditional advertising, such as newspapers or radio. At MSSmedia, we have been successfully delivering marketing campaigns, both regionally and nationally, for more than 15 years geared toward college students. We’ve done the market research and know the college market like the back of our hand. For example, one of our most successful back-to-college advertising campaigns, Victoria’s Secret PINK, launched at West Virginia University in Fall 2018 and featured OOH advertisements that increased brand engagement and in-store sales. Another significant campaign we helped develop was to promote the new Target store in close proximity to students at Ohio State University, thus driving traffic, create brand loyalty, and ultimately position the brand as the top-of-mind brand for home goods, supplies, clothes, etc.

Engage with the audience EARLY

Be the first to arrive on college campuses! Come August, colleges and universities will be filled with students returning to their dorms, social organizations and classes. Back-to-college season gives brands an advantageous opportunity to gain visibility and influence action in the college market through their campus ads, whether on transit shelters or kiosks! MSSmedia has been the leading provider of outdoor advertising solutions for colleges and universities in the nation, reaching millions of students through our OOH installments in California, Florida, Texas and various other states.

One of the most effective advertising mediums for students during back-to-college season is transit advertising. But what is it exactly? Transit Advertising is as an advertisement placed in or on modes of public transportation, from buses to shuttles, or public transportation areas, such as inside a bus station. Through transit advertising, brands are able to target students, who are often on-the-go in-between classes or on their way to recreational activities, thus increasing brand awareness and impressions. MSSmedia provided bus-wrap ads for the New Mexico National Guard Bureau to increase visibility for its local recruitment and retention efforts.

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How to Advertise to Generation Z & Millennials

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Students on Campus Advertising

In today’s campus advertising world, knowing how to speak to millennial generations like Gen Z is crucial to your success. But, what exactly does it take to get through to them?

Be Authentic

Generation Z and other millennial audiences tend to be less receptive to the “standard” advertising tricks. Digital natives like Gen Z might not even pay attention to a print advertisement when they are out and about if it doesn’t catch their eye. Millennials value authenticity far more than previous generations like baby boomers – especially in their advertisements. Make sure to feature diversity, address real issues, and offer your millennial audience some value.

Location, Location, Location!

Of course, location is also a key element of being able to advertise to Gen Zers. Try to place your advertisements in locations where young people spend a lot of time. These can be places like local hangouts near college campuses, in university stores, or even on campus placements like bus shelters. This way, you are gaining valuable impressions throughout a students’ typical day. Want to learn more about college marketing? Check out our campus placements here.

Where to Advertise on Campus

Prior generations spent the same amount of time on campus, but the campus advertising landscape today is much more robust than it was before. Brands can now advertise on campus with bus wraps, newspaper kiosks, bus shelters, billboards, digital screens, and on campus posters. This means that you have more opportunities than ever before to get in front of people born into the millennial generation. In their early stages of young adulthood, college students spend a large portion on their college campus. And, not only does this younger generation spend so much time on campus, they are walking around looking at their phones too. Don’t forget to employ digital strategies and channels to target Generation Z, X, and Y.

Engage Generation Z on Social Media

Gone are the ways of older generations where phones were only used sparingly. It’s no secret that college students spend a lot of time on their phones. In fact, 71% of millennials use social media on a daily basis. That means that members of Generation Z is spending time every day engaging with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Therefore, there are hundreds of thousands of impressions that you are potentially missing out on.

With MSSmedia, we can reach the millennial audience not only in person but throughout their day through unique digital strategies. And, there are a multitude of different ways that brands and organizations can tap into this advertising potential. First, you can utilize direct sponsored content to appear on the news feeds of millennials. And, if you take this one step further, brand ambassador networks have become an influential marketing tactic. So, not only are you reaching Generation Z and other young adults through digital advertising, you can market your product and services within the communities that they speak to every day.

Last but not Least, Don’t forget Google

On average, there are 5.6 billion search queries per day on Google. Granted, Generation Z and other millennial audiences spend a lot of time on social media. But, when they are ready to purchase, they are more likely to go to Google. Keep your Google My Business account updated and always optimize your keyword lists based on search data. This ensures that you can reach millennial users when it is the most important- when they are ready to purchase.

Ready to learn more about how digital strategy can help your business grow? Contact one of our media experts today!

Back-To-School College Advertising: The Complete Guide 2019

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Back To Campus Advertising

Believe it or not, the end of summer is not too far away. Soon enough, millennial students will be moving back on campuses across the nation. Even though August and September still feel far away, starting to think about back-to-college campus advertising is crucial to success when those months roll around.

But why should business think about advertising to millennials in the first place? Well, there are currently 8 million millennials in the U.S. alone. Being nearly one-fourth of the total population, they have an annual buying power of $200 billion. So, with your business’s advertisement being displayed on college campus across the nation, you gain immense exposure. Ultimately, back-to-college advertising is lucrative and provides ROI.

Not only do millennials (and all college students) have great buying power, but they also spend an average of 10.6 hours per day on campus. That means that there are captive buyers on campus that could be seeing your ad every morning as they walk to class. Talk about exposure!


Millennial marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. At MSSmedia, we are campus media experts who understand how to place your ads in front of those students who are ready to buy.


Why Back-To-School?

With the influx of college students back onto college campus in August and September, the campus population will nearly triple in a short span of time. With MSSmedia, you’ll get your advertisement not only in front of college students but their families too. Triple the impressions at the same cost? That’s the MSSmedia commitment to excellence. If you want to reach college students, MSSmedia is the clear choice for advertising agency.

Advertising to Generations Z and Y:

MSSmedia has over 15 years of experience marketing to millennials across the specific generations. In a class of their own, marketing to millennials is not like marketing to baby boomers. We know Generation Z and Y. And, we know how to create custom marketing strategies that will resonate with them for the back-to-college season. At MSSmedia, we understand what the marketplace will look like returning to college and how to maximize your marketing dollars to advertise to millennial consumers. We’re campus media experts and can deliver both traditional and digital media solutions that drive consumers to your business.

Traditional and Digital Advertising:

We are campus media experts, through and through. That means that we, of course know our way around traditional campus advertising. Bike shelters, newspaper kiosks, bus wraps – you name it! We own assets nationwide on campuses in both the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Traditional advertising has the power to gain exposure and impressions as students walk throughout campus. As one of the first advertising touch points, traditional advertising increases your brand awareness. For the back-to-school season, we also offer digital advertising. Because, as we all know, millennials are attached to their phones. We work with nationwide partners to place your ad in thousands of apps and across all social media channels. And, not only do we place your ad in-app, we know how to continue that exposure onto search and display campaigns through Google. Want to know more? Check out our work here.

Are we experts in back-to-college advertising? You bet. Are we ROI-driven? Absolutely.

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