Back-to-School Advertising: Not Just a Season

Back-to-School Advertising: Not Just a Season

Back to School Season

While the “Back-to-School” season is commonly considered the months where college students get back into the swing of things after the summer break, marketing for this period should not be considered a flash in time.

Not only do preparations for Back-to-School (B2S) begin as early as June for these age groups, but so does the purchasing. To understand the back to school marketplace, consider the following:

1. Back-to-School Shoppers = Year Long Consumers:

In capturing back to school shoppers, find that not only the student but their parents’, friends and influencers are also consumers all year-round. Therefore, brand awareness, trust, and loyalty must be formed before the summer and fall seasons.

2. The Back-to-School Audience = Stand Out:

Our youngest generations encounter advertising of all forms. Not only are there radio and TV commercials vying for their attention, but there is a constant flux of media and advertising throughout any regular day-to-day activity of their day. Social media, desktop browsing, and smartphone applications are just a few means of reaching this group. With these all part of any day, make your impression stand out!

3. Take the Opportunity = Seize the Moment:

Understanding the audience, you are targeting is a valuable piece of the puzzle. While understanding when is the best time to target that audience is also helpful. Gaining longer-term recognition from this generation of back-to-school shoppers means getting their attention now, the time is always now!