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Back-To-School College Advertising: The Complete Guide 2019

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Back To Campus Advertising

Believe it or not, the end of summer is not too far away. Soon enough, millennial students will be moving back on campuses across the nation. Even though August and September still feel far away, starting to think about back-to-college campus advertising is crucial to success when those months roll around.

Why Advertise on College Campuses?

But why should business think about advertising to millennials in the first place? Well, there are currently 8 million millennials in the U.S. alone. Being nearly one-fourth of the total population, they have an annual buying power of $200 billion. So, with your business’s advertisement being displayed on college campus across the nation, you gain immense exposure. Ultimately, back-to-college advertising is lucrative and provides ROI.

Not only do millennials (and all college students) have great buying power, but they also spend an average of 10.6 hours per day on campus. That means that there are captive buyers on campus that could be seeing your ad every morning as they walk to class. Talk about exposure!

Millennial marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. At MSSmedia, we are campus media experts who understand how to place your ads in front of those students who are ready to buy.

Why Back-To-School?

With the influx of college students back onto college campus in August and September, the campus population will nearly triple in a short span of time. With MSSmedia, you’ll get your advertisement not only in front of college students but their families too. Triple the impressions at the same cost? That’s the MSSmedia commitment to excellence. If you want to reach college students, MSSmedia is the clear choice for advertising agency.

Advertising to Generations Z and Y:

MSSmedia has over 15 years of experience marketing to millennials across the specific generations. In a class of their own, marketing to millennials is not like marketing to baby boomers. We know Generation Z and Y. And, we know how to create custom marketing strategies that will resonate with them for the back-to-college season. At MSSmedia, we understand what the marketplace will look like returning to college and how to maximize your marketing dollars to advertise to millennial consumers. We’re campus media experts and can deliver both traditional and digital media solutions that drive consumers to your business.

Traditional and Digital Advertising:

We are campus media experts, through and through. That means that we, of course know our way around traditional campus advertising. Bike shelters, newspaper kiosks, bus wraps – you name it! We own assets nationwide on campuses in both the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Traditional advertising has the power to gain exposure and impressions as students walk throughout campus. As one of the first advertising touch points, traditional advertising increases your brand awareness. For the back-to-school season, we also offer digital advertising. Because, as we all know, millennials are attached to their phones. We work with nationwide partners to place your ad in thousands of apps and across all social media channels. And, not only do we place your ad in-app, we know how to continue that exposure onto search and display campaigns through Google. Want to know more? Check out our work here.

Are we experts in back-to-college advertising? You bet. Are we ROI-driven? Absolutely.

Contact us today to speak to one of our advertising experts.


Advertising During a College Football Rivalry

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Some of the biggest college football rivalry games are happening and this can rally an entire campus to come together against a common enemy. There are the pre-gam bonfires, smack talk and more to get people riled up for the big games. Facebook has joined in on the fun by offering temporary college themed badgesto go on profile pictures. This lets students show their school pride and let everyone who they root for. This lets the online world where their allegiances lie, but there are other ways to join in on the rivalry fun as a brand.

1. Host Tailgates

Students, fans and community members alike will be at tailgates to prepare for the big game. Host a branded tailgate where you offer free food and activities. The food or giveaways will attract fans to your tent and give you an opportunity to expose your brand to the market.

2. Give Out Free Swag

Students will happily accept free items that showcase their school’s superiority against a rival or just free swag to wear at the game. Many pictures will be taken at the games and if your items are branded, you could extend your reach to their friends on social media. Popular items include the #1 foam finger, cups, shirts, hats and much more.

3. Offer Weather Friendly Gear

Some games will be held in northern states where the temperatures are lower, but this won’t deter students from attending games. Make the experience more comfortable by offering branded harm warmers, long sleeves or other warm items. For games in the heat, offer fans, water bottles, etc.

Colleges Are Being Transformed by Mobile Apps

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Today’s students have more technology than 30 years ago. Cellphones, tablets, laptops and more are commonplace on a college campus. With these devices come a multitude of mobile apps that open students up to a wealth of information from entertainment, news and much more. Popular apps range from social media, photo editing to fitness and education tools.

As a brand, these mobile apps are an opportunity to connect with students as they travel the campus. Traditional forms of advertising are still effective and incorporating mobile apps extends the longevity of the message. Below are some options to employ to target the college market with these apps.

1. QR Codes

Use QR codes on your creative to trigger downloads of your brand’s app or direct them to your website. QR codes can be scanned using an app found on many smart phones.

2. Offer Discounts

College students are always looking for discounts and deals. Have students download your app and in return, they can receive deals or discounts for your product or service. They will then have the app on their phone and an incentive to buy from you. This increases the likelihood that will be future customers.

3. Share on Social

Social apps are on the majority of college student’s phones so involving these highly used apps with your campaign will speak to this market. Millennials trust information that their friends recommend so having people share your content on social media increases the trustworthiness.

Attract New Hires with Creativity

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Students go to college to earn a degree and pursue their dreams. They’re doing all of this work in hopes to get noticed by employers and vie for a position upon graduation. It’s an exciting, yet scary time for students. Not all employers are making themselves visible to the college market, but GE is stepping outside of the box to attract this demographic.

GE is thought to be your parent’s company, which means people think that it’s old school and not for the younger generation. On the contrary, GE is quite innovative and wants to prove this to millennials. They created TV ads on late night comedy shows such as “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” There has been a lot of buzz around these late night shows, and GE wanted to capitalize on the audience.

Targeting this campaign by college campuses would be just as effective. The idea is to place your message where students are, and this target is watching comedy shows as well as walking around their campuses. Most students are also hyper alert to anything concerning a job so as a company looking to hire graduates or interns, these are great tactics to employ.

Coke Zero Brings Back Their Drinkable Billboard

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Classes are in session, and with that comes the excitement for the upcoming football season. Tens of thousands of college students along with other enthusiastic fans will be in attendance to root for their respective teams. Thousands more will be tuning in via television, which presents an opportune time to sample your product with the college market. This is exactly what Coke Zero aims to do.

It’s said that Coke Zero was created for men because they were turned off by the word Diet. Taking a glance at Coke Zero and Diet Coke, one would think they are identical, but they do differ slightly. Although Zero’s launch 10 years ago had a different target, the brand has realized the opportunities of marketing to other targets. Thus, Coke Zero has made a name for themselves, becoming a $1 billion global brand in 2007 and continuing to keep their stature. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been due to giving out samples of their product, which brings us back to the vast sampling pool of people surrounding football games.

Their latest campaign capitalizes on the millennial market physically available at games by setting up billboards at certain stadiums and handing out branded gear with drink samples. In addition to these outdoor advertising efforts, Coke Zero is taking their drinkable campaign to TV. Through 10 new spots, ESPN personalities will ask viewers to open their Shazam app and hold it to the TV. The Coke Zero will appear to pour into a glass on the smartphone, and the viewer will be given a coupon for a free 20 oz. bottle redeemable at select retailers. Coke has accomplished the task of not only engaging fans in person, but involving fans at home, which extends their reach even further. Taking outdoor advertising and utilizing social media, Coke guaranteed success of their campaign.

OOH is Effective in Driving Back-to-School Dollars

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Retailers rake in the dollars during back-to-school and college shopping. Holiday shopping is the highest spending period, but back-to-school shopping comes in second with an estimated $68 billion to be spent in the next few weeks. According to NRF, 41% of college shoppers plan to use their smartphone to research products and compare prices, and 46% of tablet users will do the same. When it comes to making the purchase, 31% will buy products on their smartphone and 35% of tablet users will do the same. Therefore, brand messaging should be in front of these students and their parents. OOH is one of the best ways to reach them and below are three reasons why.


Advertising near the point of purchase is a great strategy. Add directional messaging to point consumers to products they need to purchase.



Nearly 30% of back-to-school shoppers wait until the last minute to start shopping. Digital displays allow flexible messaging for limited-time specials and sales.



With eye-catching creative, brands can break through the clutter. OOH’s wide range of formats, sizes, shapes, locations, and technologies offer a blank canvas that engages consumers during the 70% of the day they spend away from home.