Guidelines for Creating a Successful Outdoor Advertisement
For large-format outdoor advertising signage seen 24 hours a day and seven days a week, you want to take time to design a compelling outdoor ad. You may not think there are golden rules for creating and designing an outdoor ad, but there are specific guidelines to follow to ensure that your advertisement stands out: Less is More: People are on the move, and 6 seconds is all you have to make an impression....
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Super Bowl Commercial Ads & Their Continuous Rise
Super Bowl Commercial Ads & Their Continuous Rise: The Super Bowl delivers a massive television audience each year, unlike any other American event. Viewers anticipate not only the outcome of the game but also the alluring high-priced commercial spots that no one wants to miss. AdAge reports that ads this year are going in the ballpark of $5 million for 30-second commercial slots. Five million...
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Jolly Rancher Logo
Jolly Rancher Candy Brings a Smile to Millennials
Sometimes we don’t wake up on the right side of the bed. We trip down the stairs, forget to study for an exam, get caught in the rain and more. Life isn’t always fair and just simply sucks at times. Targeted at Millennials, Jolly Rancher wants this generation to suck on their candy in hopes that these unfortunate moments will suck a little less. The candy itself is hard and represents life’s hardships,...
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advocacy campaigns
Effective Ways to Promote Advocacy Campaigns on Campus
 Let’s take a trip down memory lane when we used to open the cereal box and find cool prizes inside as a kid. These were the simple, yet exciting joys we experienced as little ones.  An advocacy group in Canada took the entire opposite approach and gave people chills when they opened their cereal boxes. Targeting college students to promote the dangers of drunk driving, the group gave out free...
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