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Super Bowl LIII & Social Media Advertising
As this year’s Super Bowl approaches, marketers are reminded of the staggering figures big brands spend on advertising ($5.23 million average for a 30-second ad).  These numbers continue to rise through the years, and there’s no surprise there. There are some new trends and strategies that are worth analyzing, such as the use of social media.   While TV commercials and the halftime show...
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NCAA March Madness and Advertising on Campus
March Madness: Game-Time for Mobile Advertising
March Madness: The three-week college basketball tournament that turns Corporate America into the most unproductive group that we will see all year long. It has shown to be the most popular sporting event after all professional post-season championships and has raked in billions of ad revenue in the last ten years. So for your mobile advertisers, this is the perfect time for you to leverage the...
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Advertising at Events and Festivals with MSSmedia
Capturing Millennials at Music Festivals
Flower headbands, good music, and fun in the sun mean festival season is here. Festival season also means Millennials will be flocking to different cities across the nation to see their favorite musical artists. It’s a convenient time for brands to court this market through activations, social sharing, and more. One of the most popular festivals is Coachella, and the WSJ called it an event, “filled...
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MSSmedia are Campus Advertising Experts
Move Out of the Way to Market to Millennials
According to the Harvard Business Review, two traits that tap into the fundamental DNA of most Millennials are sociability and urgency. Nike has done a great job of marrying these two traits with its Nike+ app. The app allows runners to track and share their paths on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It’s not only the fact that users can share their journey with their social following but...
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