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Our mission is to create share-worthy content that engages audiences, inspires action and drives results through our Public Relations services. We accomplish this by securing Earned Media coverage in top-level media outlets within the General and Hispanic markets; increasing your Share of Voice and Relevance; and executing meaningful and ownable moments through powerful activations and partnerships.

In addition to PR, we employ Media Planning and Buying Services, strategically placing client campaigns on various advertising platforms to create superior brand awareness and engagement. Through our owned assets and long-standing relationships with vendors, our media experts ensure the best value for client campaigns and use a strategy-driven, collaborative approach to provide a proven return on investment.

Brand + Communications Services
  • Public Relations
  • Earned Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Digital Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Traditional Advertising
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Sample of Our Media Network
100,000+ Media Partners
Secured Broadcast Coverage
15+ Years of Experience
Bi-Coastal Team
"If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR."-Bill Gates
Media Partners
"20 years to build a reputation & 5 minutes to ruin it."-Warren Buffet



Professional and Efficient
“MSSmedia has always delivered professional ad publications as well as efficient and affable customer service at every point. We are looking forward to many more years of continued business.”
Davica Williams, 109TOWER
Customer Service is Strong
"We have very much enjoyed working with MSSmedia on our ad campaign. Professional and courteous, always going the extra mile for us."
Mai Bean, Nova Pregnancy Center
Wonderful Experience
"Advertising with MSSmedia has been a wonderful experience. They have helped guide us for the best possible outcome. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Rodney Evans, Texas Air National Guard
Great Results
"I couldn't have been more pleased with the results and would gladly choose to work with MSSmedia again."
Aliette Gomez, Miami Dade County