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We are an experienced team of professionals with diverse expertise in strategic media planning & buying, digital media, social media, emerging media, public relations and event services. Our core competencies include branding, recruitment, and awareness with a keen eye on delivering ROI (return on investment). Our mission is to support government agencies by propelling all media and public relations efforts further and deliver the best possible outcomes.

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Some of Our Partners
  • MSSmedia Executes an Air Force Recruitment Campaign
  • MSSmedia Executes a US Army Command Recruitment Campaign
  • MSSmedia Executes a Miami Dade County Advertising Campaign
  • MSSmedia Executes an Army National Guard Recruitment Campaign
  • MSSmedia Executes a Marines Recruitment Campaign
  • FL EPA Awards Advertising Partnership with MSSmedia
  • MSSmedia Executes an US Census Awareness Campaign
  • MSSmedia Executes an Orange County Advertising Campaign
  • US Army Campus Advertising Campaign with MSSmedia
  • Baltimore County Campaign with MSSmedia
  • McLean County Campaign with MSSmedia
  • FL National Guard Runs an Advertising Campaign with MSSmedia
  • Miami Beach Advertising Campaign with MSSmedia
  • Franklin County Public Health Campaign
US Army Runs a Recruitment Campaign With MSSmedia US Army Runs a Recruitment Campaign With MSSmedia US Army Runs a Mobile Recruitment Campaign With MSSmedia

Army Recruiting Battalion

MSSmedia serves as a strategic media partner to the US Army Recruiting Command providing traditional and digital advertising services throughout the 1st Brigade. To maximize on their “mission…to recruit the enlisted, non-commissioned and officer candidates for service in the United State Army and Army Reserve,” we delivered messaging to the college demographic within the region utilizing outdoor signage and mobile geo-targeted advertisements. The success of the recruitment campaign returned a lift in engagement and millions of impressions delivered to the targeted Gen Z audience within the region.

On behalf of the client and to deliver maximum exposure and a measured return on ad spend, MSSmedia launched both a campus targeted print campaign as well as a robust geo-targeted digital media campaign.
Back to School and Graduation
Since 2013, 25+ Campaigns to Date
MSSmedia provided a multi-tiered recruitment campaign. Delivering traditional outdoor signage, campus newspaper print advertisements along with geo-targeted digital advertisements targeting colleges nationwide.
40 million+ Impressions delivered



Professional and Efficient
“MSSmedia has always delivered professional ad publications as well as efficient and affable customer service at every point. We are looking forward to many more years of continued business.”
Davica Williams, 109TOWER
Customer Service is Strong
"We have very much enjoyed working with MSSmedia on our ad campaign. Professional and courteous, always going the extra mile for us."
Mai Bean, Nova Pregnancy Center
Wonderful Experience
"Advertising with MSSmedia has been a wonderful experience. They have helped guide us for the best possible outcome. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Rodney Evans, Texas Air National Guard
Great Results
"I couldn't have been more pleased with the results and would gladly choose to work with MSSmedia again."
Aliette Gomez, Miami Dade County