Social Media CMOs Talk About How to Target Millennials

By July 20, 2015DNA of Millennials

Executives from the top social media platforms sat down recently and discussed how to reach millennials. This generation is sometimes seen as hard to truly target and understand. Brands struggle to keep their attention and it’s not that this generation doesn’t like brands, it’s that they are not fond of advertising. This means brands and advertisers have to get creative and approach it differently. The speakers suggested focusing on how to use digital media and building marketing strategies around that. Below are four key insights taken from their talk.

1. Get Local

Steve Hwaang of Snapchat said that brands should think “local” when targeting millennials. Snapchat has a feature where they showcase different live or local moments from user’s area. Hwaang says that, “authenticity is really important. There’s a ton of opportunity for brands to be involved on a more local in the real world.”

2. Less is More with Video

Video has been quite prevalent in ads lately, but that doesn’t mean that brands are using the right type of clips for the platforms. Facebook’s Trevor Johnson advised to make four-, eight- and 10-second videos that grab young people’s attention in a news feed. On Facebook, once users tap on the video, the sound automatically plays.  This keeps users watching longer.

3. Find Social’s New Celebrities

Vine has truly taken off and the stars on the platform are more popular than some Hollywood A-listers for millennials. Brands that can align themselves with these or emulate the star’s work will have more success. When posting videos, photos and GIFs to twitter, it is wise to use these tactics.

4. Data-backed Creative

Pandora’s executive, Tamara Bedrosian, argued that data should determine what an ad looks like. Millennial women like listening to a YouTube violinist, Lindsey Stirling on the streaming service. They also listen to her more on the app versus the desktop and this information can shape a campaign on whether an ad runs on mobile or desktop. Bedrosian said that a company shouldn’t always go mobile-first just to say they are on mobile. Gathering data and correctly analyzing it are key.

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