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We are a team of marketing experts and media gurus—no humble bragging here, we truly know our stuff—combining talent and top-notch know-how to deliver precise campaigns with clear-cut insights for our clients. We’re known for creating winning brand strategies and building award-worthy campaigns that drive user engagement.

Mike Sheldon
MSSmedia isn’t technically a family business, but clients reap the reward of generations of expertise. Mike’s dad works in advertising, and it was a business Mike learned the ins and outs of while growing up in Puerto Rico, where he spent summer breaks working for his dad’s company. So it’s not surprising that Mike founded MSSmedia in 2005, just two years after graduating with a degree in business management and finance from the University of Miami. Since then he’s grown the company to where it is today, and has gone from having a hand in every aspect of the business, to his current role: developing business strategy, steering the high level direction of the company, and lending his extensive knowledge of the advertising and media world, as well as his expertise in the government space. If there’s one thing that stokes Mike’s interests the way entrepreneurship does, it’s aviation. He’s been fascinated with aircraft since he was a little kid, flying remote control airplanes. There are a few activities he considers runners-up though, including boxing, running, swimming, and indulging in a perfectly grilled steak at one of Miami’s excellent restaurants.
Barbara Gretsch
Vice President
Barbara is the team member who keeps us all inspired, who exemplifies our core values, and leads us to think bigger, learn better, and add a human touch to every aspect of the business. She’s been a driving force at MSSmedia almost since its inception, and holding roles in every area of the company from business development to advertising sales to marketing to management is why she’s so adept at paving the way for MSSmedia’s big picture while making sure each aspect of the agency continues to thrive. She loves the dynamic nature of her role, she loves leading a nimble team, and she especially loves a challengeprobably because she’s so good at rising to them. Though she grew up in Savannah, Georgia, and lived in Chicago for a number of years (after graduating from DePaul University), Barbara could not be happier in Miami, soaking up the near-constant sunshine and getting to see the ocean every day. Especially since she gets to do it with her husband and their two Maltipoos, Noodle and Nala.
Rebecca Astorga
Account Supervisor, PR
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Fashion Nova and Phil Collins are just a few clients that Rebecca has worked with throughout her career in Public Relations. She has worked with non-profit organizations, as well as fashion and beauty brands in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, navigating the PR landscape with a customized approach and one goal in mind: to deliver results. As Account Supervisor of Communications at MSSmedia, Rebecca is well-versed in Earned Media, Influencer Marketing and Event Management, and plays an integral role in sparking conversations and influencing action. She is extremely detailed-oriented, organized and a stickler for perfection. You can blame Virgo for that! The University of Florida graduate, when not in a PR state of mind, enjoys watching true-crime shows and hanging out with her bunnies Ohno and Goober.
Danielle Janke
Account Manager, Media
Everyone will tell you that Danielle is a consummate people person, which is why her role as MSSmedia’s account manager could not be more perfect. Danielle is the go-to gal for every single one of our clients—answering questions, checking in, and, when the time comes, building the most beneficial campaign renewals inspired by her familiarity with each client’s evolving needs. It’s attention to detail with a personal touch—a stellar customer service combo. Just as Danielle’s role is perfectly suited for her, there’s no city besides Miami this Michigan native would rather be. When she’s not building relationships and taking care of business, you’ll find this self-proclaimed beach bum running along the ocean or enjoying a Kristin Hannah book on the beach.
Charlotte Zoda
Account Manager, Media
Charlotte Zoda loves rules and processes. She also loves lists, as evidenced by the lifetime supply of yellow notepads in her desk drawer, her avid use of WinNote, and her ever-present priority-tasks printout marked with colored highlighters. Charlotte’s held a variety of roles during her six years at MSSmedia, but thanks to these proclivities none suits her quite like traffic and operations management. The New York native and SUNY Buffalo graduate works adeptly behind the scenes handling logistics; liaising between vendors, clients, partners, and sales; and generally making sure everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For fun, Charlotte applies her analytical mind to movies, religiously attending screenings at the local AMC and Coral Gables Art Cinema. Or you might find her watching a Hitchcock film (or, really, anything black and white) at home, cozied up with her epileptic dog Joan, a retired racing greyhound rescue. Charlotte’s also a fan of tacos and dinosaurs.
Genevieve Shaffer
Account Executive, PR
Genevieve loves storytelling, has an adventurous attitude and is always eager to take on challenges, making her a stellar addition to the Communications team. Not to mention, she speaks Spanish and Arabic, which has proven helpful when working with government clients. As Account Executive of Public Relations at MSSmedia, Genevieve collaborates in the overall development and implementation of media and marketing strategies for clients, while also writing the monthly blog posts for the agency (read here!). Genevieve was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and attended the University of Miami, where she studied International Relations and Arabic Studies. Outside of work, she volunteers weekly with Refugee Assistance Alliance and enjoys spending time with her Pomapoo, Asher. In her previous life, she wanted to be a Navy SEAL, but we can’t say we’re disappointed she chose a career in Public Relations instead.
Alexa Bartashevich
Account Executive, Media
Alexa is goal-oriented, relationship-driven and ingenious. It comes as no surprise that she is a top-performing sales representative at MSSmedia, managing various paid media campaigns, from digital to out-of-home, for clients in all industries. She is often recognized as “Employee of the Month” for exceeding sales goals, availability to answer questions and navigate through challenges, and determination to do exceptional on behalf of her clients. The Belarus-born sales leader, who is fluent in English, Belarusian and Russian, loves being a South Florida transplant thanks to the year-round sunshine and beaches.
Isabella Maldonado
Assistant, PR
Isabella supports the Public Relations team, Digital Marketing team, and leads social media development for the agency. In between mastering it all - and with a positive attitude - she remains self-driven, curious and fearless while taking on challenges. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Isabella chased the year-round sunshine and beaches all the way to the Magic City in 2017. She is currently studying Public Relations, Advertising and Broadcast Media at Barry University. In her free time, she loves to work out (and wakes up at 4:30 a.m. every day to exercise!), shopping in Miami’s stylish neighborhoods, and playing board games with family. Also important to note: no matter her age, she will always be a big fan of all-things Disney.
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“MSSmedia has always delivered professional ad publications as well as efficient and affable customer service at every point. We are looking forward to many more years of continued business.”
Davica Williams, 109TOWER
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"We have very much enjoyed working with MSSmedia on our ad campaign. Professional and courteous, always going the extra mile for us."
Mai Bean, Nova Pregnancy Center
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"Advertising with MSSmedia has been a wonderful experience. They have helped guide us for the best possible outcome. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Rodney Evans, Texas Air National Guard
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"I couldn't have been more pleased with the results and would gladly choose to work with MSSmedia again."
Aliette Gomez, Miami Dade County