The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Campus Advertisers Make

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College Marketing and Advertising
Each fall, millions of students attending U.S. colleges and universities carry more than $400 billion in spending power. As students flock to campuses nationwide, there are endless opportunities for advertisers to get in front of millennial buyers.  At MSSmedia, we’ve worked with both advertisers and universities to run successful back-to-college campaigns for 15 years. We are college marketing experts that know the place, the products, and how to successfully deliver marketing strategies. In our 15 years of experience, we’ve seen clients and other agencies make critical errors in their campus advertising campaigns. To learn from their mistakes and execute the best campaign possible, we’ve put together a list of the 5 biggest mistakes that people make. Read on to avoid wasting your budget and resources in the college advertising world!

Not Knowing your Competition

One of the most efficient ways to understand your target market, is to study the competition. Analyze your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths. What do they offer that you don’t? Who are they are selling to? Understand what they are doing right, and what they may be doing wrong. Once you have outlined a plan, start looking at their social media presence! Look at things like their engagement rate on Facebook and Instagram. Search for their home page on LinkedIn and see if you can do better! Conducting an in-depth analysis of your competition will help you organize all your ideas and projects on how to market to millennials. Working with a company like MSSmedia who can help you conduct a competitive audit can put you ahead of the game. Our campus experts can help you redefine your advertising strategy and maximize your advertising budget.

Not Defining your Target Audience

After you have analyzed your competitors, identify a specific target audience that will best fit your product or service. Do you want to target local students, international students, or maybe student organizations? The options are countless; which is why you need to organize your stream of thoughts before going further in your marketing plan. Start by answering some of the following questions. How old is your target market? Where can you find the target audience you want to reach? What are some of the values the target cares for most? What are they most interested in? Campus OOH advertising can be integral to generating brand awareness among generation Z. In fact, research has shown that more than 70% of students pay attention to on campus billboards and posters.

After answering these questions, you can begin to create a sketch of the types of young people you are interested in reaching. With this strategy, you will be able to personalize your marketing message and identify specific characteristics that you may have not considered before. At MSSmedia, we know how to reach college students. For instance, one of our out-of-home campaigns with Panera was launched a few years ago at Ohio University and Virginia Tech. It featured various OOH installments in order to promote the new delivery to the two campuses. The campaign ended up being so successful in the number of impressions delivered (over 58 million) that Panera scheduled a similar campaign the year after. Read More

Behind the Scenes of Back-to-College

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back to college
Back-to-college time is around the corner, which means that businesses and retailers need to start thinking of the best marketing and advertising strategies to target students on campuses nationwide. In fact, back-to-college campaigns contribute to more than 15 percent of annual retail sales. So, as brands, it is our chance to increase brand awareness through targeted out-of-home (OOH) and out-of-the-box campaigns, in addition to traditional advertising. This is our time to be ahead of the competition.



How to advertise to college students

There are many ways to advertise to college students from online to outdoor to traditional advertising, such as newspapers or radio. At MSSmedia, we have been successfully delivering marketing campaigns, both regionally and nationally, for more than 15 years geared toward college students. We’ve done the market research and know the college market like the back of our hand. For example, one of our most successful back-to-college advertising campaigns, Victoria’s Secret PINK, launched at West Virginia University in Fall 2018 and featured OOH advertisements that increased brand engagement and in-store sales. Another significant campaign we helped develop was to promote the new Target store in close proximity to students at Ohio State University, thus driving traffic, create brand loyalty, and ultimately position the brand as the top-of-mind brand for home goods, supplies, clothes, etc.

Engage with the audience EARLY

Be the first to arrive on college campuses! Come August, colleges and universities will be filled with students returning to their dorms, social organizations and classes. Back-to-college season gives brands an advantageous opportunity to gain visibility and influence action in the college market through their campus ads, whether on transit shelters or kiosks! MSSmedia has been the leading provider of outdoor advertising solutions for colleges and universities in the nation, reaching millions of students through our OOH installments in California, Florida, Texas and various other states.

One of the most effective advertising mediums for students during back-to-college season is transit advertising. But what is it exactly? Transit Advertising is as an advertisement placed in or on modes of public transportation, from buses to shuttles, or public transportation areas, such as inside a bus station. Through transit advertising, brands are able to target students, who are often on-the-go in-between classes or on their way to recreational activities, thus increasing brand awareness and impressions. MSSmedia provided bus-wrap ads for the New Mexico National Guard Bureau to increase visibility for its local recruitment and retention efforts.

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